The Academy

Our instructors are not only well-trained and experienced, they are accomplished, award winning dancers in their own right, ready and anxious to pass on what they have learned to your son or daughter.




Co-owner and Director - Kathi Marx

Co-owner and Director - Annissa Puckett

With our studio located in Beloit, we are proud to be serving students throughout northern Illinois and southern Wisconsin, offering a complete and versatile program of dance education at very reasonable prices.


We are an active, performing dance academy that teaches our students not just how to dance but how to incorporate the qualities of self-expression and showmanship into their dance experience. Our objective is to provide our young dancers with an atmosphere of fun and learning that will introduce them to the joy of dance.


We believe in giving our students as many opportunities as are available to perform at community events and annual recitals, but all such activities are optional. We also encourage parental involvement and we welcome your questions. Whenever you need additional information, please don't hesitate to ask.


We believe that all of these elements...a well-trained staff, varied class offerings, an attitude of joy in learning, opportunities for performance and parental involvement...are important and invaluable in helping your child not only in becoming a good dancer but also in becoming a better person.